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The Wand® Single Tooth Anesthesia

The Wand® Single Tooth Anesthesia

The Wand® Single Tooth Anesthesia services offered in Campbell, CA

Did you know that there is a virtually painless local anesthetic option? The team of board-certified periodontists at Ueno Center Dental Specialists in Campbell, California, offers the Wand® Single Tooth Anesthesia technology to residents of San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos residents, and the surrounding region. Call or request an appointment online.

The Wand® Single Tooth Anesthesia Q & A

What is the Wand Single Tooth Anesthesia?

The Wand Single Tooth Anesthesia is a dental anesthesia system that only numbs the tooth being treated. A traditional local anesthetic uses a needle to inject liquid anesthetic into your gum tissue. The effects extend well beyond the targeted tooth and numb an entire region of your mouth. 

Ueno Center Dental Specialists uses the Single Tooth Anesthesia® system (STA) to numb the precise targeted treatment area. Even better, the system delivers the anesthetic without pain, so you won’t even feel the device as it enters your gums. 

How does the Wand Single Tooth Anesthesia work?

The system relies on a computerized sensor that automatically controls and regulates the flow of anesthetic during the injection. Instead of a traditional needle and syringe, STA uses a small probe that slides into the space between your tooth and gum tissue.

The advanced technology that powers this system ensures that you receive the exact volume of anesthetic needed to remain below your pain threshold. Not only do you not need to worry about discomfort during the procedure, but you also don’t have to dread the pain of a numbing injection. 

Once your procedure is complete, the local anesthetic wears away quickly. Unlike with traditional numbing injections, you won’t notice numbing in areas other than the treatment site. You’ll be able to return to normal activities quickly with no lingering effects from the anesthesia.  

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for the Wand Single Tooth Anesthesia?

If you’ve ever found yourself delaying dental treatment or dreading your next trip to the office based on fear of needles or pain, the STA system might be the perfect solution. 

Many people who try the system are amazed at how easy it is to get the treatment they need without pain or anxiety. Your dentist can likely complete the numbing process before you realize they’ve begun. 

Not every procedure is a good fit for the Wand Single Tooth Anesthesia. When you come in for your consultation, your dentist explains all available treatment and anesthesia options. You’ll receive all the details needed to make an informed decision about your treatment path. 

When you’re ready to begin, call the office or book a visit using the online scheduling page.